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14-17 Sept. 2022

For autoimmune and inflammatory diseases, allergy, transplantation and cancer

Centre international de Conférences Sorbonne Université

4 place Jussieu - Patio 44-55

75005 - Paris, France

*To submit before 30th June 2022

Confirmed Speakers

(by alphabetical order)

Abul K. Abbas, Stanley Appel, Christophe Benoist, Jeff Bluestone, Onur Boyman, Frederic de Blay, Jason Fontenot, Ron Germain, Agnes Hartemann, Jens Humrich, John Koreth, David Klatzmann, Emmanuelle Le Chatelier, Warren Leonard, Matteo Levisetti, Zhanguo Li, Adrian Liston, Catherine Lubetzki, Ziad Mallat, Diane Mathis, Arsene Mekinian, Thomas Malek, Steven Quayle, Aleksander Rudensky, Shimon Sakaguchi, Scott Snapper, Mary Struthers, Nadia Tchao, Georges Tsokos, Thomas Vazquez, Lucy Walker, Jonathan Zalevsky

Confirmed speakers

Saturday 16th

Wed. 13th
Thu. 14th
Fri. 15th

8.30 am

Session VII

IL-2 and Treg cell therapies

Chair : M. Sadelain


- Lessons from CAR T cell in Cancer

M. Sadelain

- Current status of unmodified Treg therapy trials

Q. Tang UCSF

- CAR-Tregs

S. Boissel, TxCell

- Orthologs

2-3 talks from abstracts (including IL-2 engineered Tregs : ILTOO)

Session VII - Novel IL-2s (Chair: D Klatzmann)

1.Nektar (N…) (also covering IL2 and cancer)

2.Celgene (N…)

3.Roche (N…) 

4.ILTOO (J Mariau)

5.2-3 talks from abstracts

Coffee Break

Welcome reception

 Saturday 17th

9.00 am

Session IX
IL-2 in cancer therapy
Chair : J. Bluestone
1. Introduction. Abul Abbas, 10'.

2. Title to be announced. Shimon Sakaguchi, 30'.

3. Leveraging the Immuno-STAT platform to enhance anti-tumor immunity by selectively delivering IL-2 to tumor-specific T cells. Matteo Levisetti - Cue Biopharma, Inc, 15'.
Talks from abstracts

- Differentiating PD-1+TCF-1+ stem-like CD8 T cells 1 towards a distinct effector T cell population with enhanced anti-tumor and anti-viral efficacy by the novel PD-1 cis-targeted immunocytokine PD1-IL2v (RG6279). Christian Klein, Roche, 15’.

Potent antitumor immunity by targeting the high affinity IL-2R with high-dose mIL-2/CD25 and anti-PD-1 checkpoint blockade. Kathryn LaPorte, 15’.

- Role of IL2 in solid tumor CAR-T cell therapies. Richard Paul Junghans, 15’.

- ANV419 (Title to be completed). Kirsten Richter 15’Guiding SAR444245 (SAR’245) recommended
phase II dose selection (RP2D) - A PKPD modelling approach
. Sike Gastine, Sanofi, 15‘.

11.00 - 11.30 am
Coffee Break

11.30 am

Session X
Novel Novel IL-2s, vectorisation and combination therapies
Chair : J. Fontenot
1. Using brain-delivery of IL2 to treat neuropathologies. Adrian Liston, 30'.

2. CUE-401: a novel IL-2/TGF-beta fusion protein for induction and expansion of regulatory T cells. Steven Quayle, Cue Biopharma Inc., 15’.

3. ILT-401: Thomas Vazquez, ILTOO Pharma, 15’.

Talks from abstracts

- Synergistic activity of IL2 mutein with tolerogenic ImmTor nanoparticles induces massive expansionof antigen-specofic Tregs. Kei Kishimoto, 15’.

- IL2 superkines engineered with tunable selectivity for IL2R, , and  chains enabling pro and anti-immune functions. Carole Gallingan Medicenna Therapeutics, 15’.

- An engineered pegylated IL-2 for the treatment of immune mediated disease by selective Tregexpansion. Mark Peakman, Sanofi, 15’.

1.30 pm

End of the meeting

Schedule Sat. 16th
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