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14-17 Sept.


For autoimmune and inflammatory diseases, allergy, transplantation and cancer

Centre international de Conférences Sorbonne Université

4 place Jussieu - 44-55

75005 - Paris, France

*To submit before June 30th 2022
Thursday 15th

Confirmed Speakers

(by alphabetical order)

Abul K. Abbas, Stanley Appel, Christophe Benoist, Jeff Bluestone, Onur Boyman, Frederic de Blay, Jason Fontenot, Ron Germain, Agnes Hartemann, Jens Humrich, John Koreth, David Klatzmann, Emmanuelle Le Chatelier, Warren Leonard, Matteo Levisetti, Zhanguo Li, Adrian Liston, Catherine Lubetzki, Ziad Mallat, Diane Mathis, Arsene Mekinian, Thomas Malek, Steven Quayle, Aleksander Rudensky, Shimon Sakaguchi, Scott Snapper, Mary Struthers, Nadia Tchao, Georges Tsokos, Thomas Vazquez, Lucy Walker, Jonathan Zalevsky

Confirmed Speakers
Scedule Thursda 15t

Thursday 15th

9.00 am

Session I
On mechanistic aspects: IL-2, receptors and signaling
Chair : Alexander Rudensky
1. IL-2R-dependent mechanisms in immune tolerance. Thomas Malek

2. Terminal differentiation and function of effector regulatory T cells. Alexander Rudensky

Talks from abstract 

Identification of conditional regulators of IL2RA within CD4+ T cell subsets. Maya Arce

IL2 governs distinct cellular processes in regulatory T cells subsets. Acacia Crouch

11.00 am

Session II

Lessons from current clinical trials with native IL-2

Chair: Scott Snapper


1. The Chinese experience. Zhanguo Li, 30’.


2. The Lupil-2 study. Jens Humrich, 20’.


3. IL-2 in humans modulates circulating and tissue-homing Treg cells. Onur Boyman, 20’.

4. Low-dose IL-2 in Chronic GVHD. John Koreth, 30’.

10.30-11.00 am

Coffee Break

1.00 pm


2.00 pm

Session III
On mechanistic aspects: physiology and pathophysiology
Chair : Lucy Walker

1. High Content Imaging Reveals a Spatially-constrained IL-2 Dependent Circuit that Underlies Treg
Control of Self-Reactivity
. Ron Germain

2. Tissue-Tregs. Christophe Benoist

3. Manipulating IL-2 and costimulation to tame autoimmune responses. Lucy Walker

Talks from abstract

- An IL2RA enhancer polymorphism determines responsiveness to IL-2 signalling and thebalance between pathogenic and protective immunity in Crohn's disease. Jennie Clough

- Deciphering a novel hypomorphic IL2RB mutation on immune dysregulation. Elena Hsieh

3.30 pm

Session IV
Lessons from curren
t clinical trials with native IL-2 (continue)

Chair: John Koreth
5. Low-dose IL2 for inflammatory bowel diseases. Scott Snapper, 20’
6.Low dose IL2 in Multiple Sclerosis. Catherine Lubetzki, 20’. 

7. Low dose IL2 in allergy: effects on the allergic response to a controlled exposure to allergens on
patients with allergic rhinitis.
Frederic De Blay, 20’.

8. IL-2 therapy during pregnancy in patients with SLE. Xian Xiao, 10’.

9. Low-dose IL2 in Recurrent Spontaneous Abortion of immunological cause: results from an open
Arsène Mekinian, 20’.

10. Transreg update. Roberta Lorenzon, 10’.

11. Low-dose IL2 in patients with coronary artery disease. Ziad Mallat, 20’.

3.00- 3.30 pm
Coffee Break

6.30 pm

End of the day

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